Meet the Content Crew

We’re an experienced team of writers and editors who love what we do — creating inspiring and entertaining stories that people want to read. Each of us brings a unique perspective to this mission.

Sharon Nachmany

Sharon, our Head of Content, has over 20 years’ experience in content creation and management across all kinds of media Platforms — from radio and TV to print and digital. He is passionate about great storytelling and developing new content formats. Away from work, he’s an obsessive pop culture consumer, a devoted NBA fan, and has traveled all over the world.

Poppy Jackson

As Editor-in-Chief, Poppy knows what makes powerful storytelling. Her work in the publishing industry has taken her all over, from covering Scotland’s biggest art events to writing for magazines in Italy. Fun fact: she speaks fluent Italian, and her favorite Italian word is stuzzicadenti (If only English had such an elegant way of saying toothpick!)

Leah Pfenning

Leah, who’s based at our New York office, has a ton of experience in digital publishing, marketing, and design. Away from the office, you can find her exploring nature, eating her way through foreign cities, or desperately trying to hit her optimistic Goodreads goal.

Lindsey Harrison

With extensive experience in writing, editing, and production, Lindsey has an eye for finding the stories that people want to read. When she’s not sourcing killer ideas for our articles, she’s delivering killer one-liners on stage. You might have seen her performing in New York’s stand-up comedy scene.

Shanen Lloyd

Shanen is our resident social media expert. She manages the day-to-day handling of all our social channels, which is no mean feat! When she’s not tending to our followers online, Shanen’s tending to the plants in her Florida garden to fuel her love of cooking.

Ross Finney

Ross is passionate about sharing compelling stories from the past. Whether he’s digging into a historical mystery or exploring the Golden Age of Hollywood, he knows how to find the perfect hook for a modern audience. He also has years of experience in the world of music journalism. His go-to karaoke song? Rock Lobster by the B-52s.

Dan Fitzpatrick

Our Deputy Editor Dan majored in Literature & History at Harvard. He oversees the history section and our editorial processes as a whole. When he’s not making sure our content is the best it can be, you can find him performing his stand-up routine on stage. Dan may be a comedian, but his editing skills are no joke!

Charlotte Davidson

As our Visual Editor, Charlotte spends her days making our content beautiful. She loves finding the perfect image for an article or putting together a beautiful photo list. Besides photography, Charlotte is passionate about two things: food and cats. No meal or cute kitten is safe when she has a camera in hand!

Luke Paton

Luke is a highly experienced writer and editor who’s worked for some of the UK’s most respected publications, including the BBC. He’s worked on over a dozen magazine titles, created comic strips, and written two books. He’s also our in-house movie guy. His favorite film? Back to the Future.

Emma Patterson

Emma, who works in our New York office, has written and edited hundreds of articles on everything from animals to celebrities. Now, she’s our lifestyle queen; if you need her you can find her trying out the latest home trends, looking for our next inspiring human interest story, or creating one of our quizzes.

Liz Collins

NYC-based Liz is our resident pop culture junkie. At work, she’s a pro at keeping up with the latest Hollywood happenings and entertainment news. Away from work, she’s a pro at thrifting, the beach, and obsessing over reality TV. Her unrivaled knowledge about The Real Housewives often comes in handy!

Kyle Kucharski

Kyle is an experienced New York-based writer with a Masters in Journalism. He loves making our content shine, especially if it’s travel related. Kraków and Rio de Janeiro are his favorite spots, and he’s always planning his next adventure: India and Chile are next on his bucket list.